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Root Canal Therapy

Smiling woman in dental chairRoot canals have a bad reputation for being extremely painful, but the truth is, the treatment itself is comfortable and can significantly reduce toothache pain and sensitivity that precedes the treatment. Best of all, root canal therapy makes it possible for the Miller Dental Arts team to save teeth that may otherwise have been extracted. Contact us in West New York if you experience any of the warning signs that you may need root canal treatment including a severe toothache, dental sensitivity, and discoloration of the tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Woman looking at dental x-raysThe benefits of root canal treatment are fairly obvious. Root canals prevent the need for tooth extraction, eliminating the cost, time, and discomfort of tooth replacement. They stop the spread of infection to surrounding teeth, and immediately reduce discomfort.

How Root Canals Help

Animation of the inside of the toothRoot canals are necessary when damage or decay access the innermost layer of the tooth. This inner layer, called pulp, houses the entire nerve system of the tooth. When decay or damage reaches the nerve, pain and sensitivity can happen as a result. A root canal allows our dentists to remove the damaged tissue and replace it with a similar biocompatible substance. Once completed, we’ll reseal the tooth, and in many cases, we place a dental crown over the root canal treated tooth to protect and strengthen the remaining dental structure. With topical anesthetic, the treatment is completely comfortable for patients who almost always experience immediate relief from toothache pain.