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Oral Cancer Screenings

Patient receiving oral cancer screeningOral cancer claims one life an hour on average in the US, and as much as 25% of those patients diagnosed with oral cancer do not engage in any of the common risk factors for oral cancer including tobacco use. That’s why we include oral cancer screening as part of every six-month dental checkup in our West New York dental office. Contact Miller Dental Arts to find out more or schedule a checkup.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

Woman in dental chair smiling up at dentistResearch from the Oral Cancer Foundation indicates that the best way to reduce the number of lives lost annually to oral cancer is to diagnose and begin treatment in earlier stages. By screening for warning signs during six-month dental checkups, we do our part to reduce the number of oral cancer-related deaths through early detection. Other benefits of quick, painless oral cancer screenings include:

  • Many patients with oral cancer go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed for years before they receive the treatment they need, and regular screening reduces this problem
  • While many of the early cases of oral cancer were related to tobacco use, we see an increasing number of patients diagnosed who do not use tobacco products and who may not otherwise have been aware of any potential concerns
  • An increasing number of teens have been diagnosed with oral cancer in recent years, and these cases may advance to untreatable stages without regular screening